About Us

The Team

“Hi, my name is Philippe Francken and I am the owner of County Drones Ltd, Bristol Drones Ltd, Bath Drones Ltd, South Glos Drones Ltd, Wiltshire Drones Ltd and City Drones Ltd.

Just as I was about to turn 30 I decided that I needed to venture out and take some bold new steps into something that interests me. One day *BANG* it hit me and I set up Bristol Drones Ltd, an Aerial Photography & Film business. As this was doing well after a while, I decided to branch out even more and established Bath Drones Ltd, South Glos Drones Ltd and Wiltshire Drones Ltd.

Having set up these businesses, I realised very soon that I still wanted to expand in this industry and it would require a company that manages each of these businesses in order to consolidate and maximise resources. This is why County Drones Ltd was established, in order to achieve these goals.

I am loving the challenge of running these businesses and I hope to welcome you as a client.”

Our History

County Drones Ltd was founded in 2015 in order to consolidate and maximise the resources of aerial photography and film businesses that have been set up.

Currently, we run four successful businesses in the South West and we have an eye on expanding even further.

Our Mission

County Drones Ltd’s goal is to minimise cost and maximise the resources that aerial photography & film businesses require, enabling these businesses to concentrate on providing the best and most professional service possible.

In support of this objective, our mission is to become the leading aerial photography & film management business and the people’s choice for anyone seeking to invest in this industry.